Sanitary Authority

Marshall Township’s public sanitary sewer service is provided by the Marshall Township Municipal Sanitary Authority (MTMSA), the McCandless Township Sanitary Authority (MTSA), or the Economy Borough Municipal Authority (EBMA).

Billing questions

Please call 724-731-2300
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday

Payment Options

Please see payment options at Jordan Tax Service:

Marshall Township Municipal Sanitary Authority

The majority of Marshall Township is serviced by the Marshall Authority. The area east of I-79 and south of North Allegheny’s Marshall Campus is serviced the. Two areas near Marshall Township’s western border are serviced by the Economy Authority. Please review the Sanitary Sewer Service Area map (PDF) on this website for more information. You may find the roads serviced by MTMSA by using this link Roads Serviced by MTMSA. You may find Marshall Township Roads serviced by the McCandless Sanitary Authority by using this link Marshall Twp. Roads Serviced by McCandless.

Offices & Meetings

The Marshall Authority offices are located within the Marshall Township Municipal Building. Board meetings are at 7:00 p.m. and typically on the last Tuesday of the month. Meetings are subject to change and should be confirmed by checking the Township calendar or calling the office.  

Please call 724-935-3090 x206 with questions. 

The Marshall Township Municipal Sanitary Authority (MTMSA) will be utilizing Zoom video conference for all public meetings until further notice. More information, including how the public can participate, is available on the Marshall Township website.

McCandless Township Authority

The McCandless Township Authority is located at:
418 Arcadia Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Please call 412-366-2700 with questions.

Economy Borough Municipal Authority

The Economy Borough Municipal Authority is located at:
2860 Conway-Wallrose Road
Baden, PA 15005

Please call 724-869-3201 with questions.


CUSTOMERS CONNECTED TO PUBLIC WATER:  MTMSA customers that are connected to public water are billed based on West View Water meter readings.  MTMSA will set up a new sanitary sewer service account upon West View’s notification of a new water service account start up.  MTMSA will close an account based upon West View Water’s final water meter reading.  Please contact West View Water to start up or close a water service account.  West View Water’s phone number is 412-931-3500.

MTMSA customers connected to public water pay a minimum Base Fee of $68 plus a User Fee of $5.87 per 1,000 gallons of water consumed per quarter.

CUSTOMERS NOT CONNECTED TO PUBLIC WATER: MTMSA customers not connected to public water should contact Jordan Tax Service directly to start up a sanitary sewer service account. Jordan Tax Service's phone number is 724-731-2300.

MTMSA customers not connected to public water are charged a flat fee of $156.00 per quarter.  This flat fee equates to the $68 Base Fee plus an $88 User Fee based upon 15,000 gallons of water consumed per quarter.